You’re Joking: Volume One


Tired of no-one laughing at your jokes?

You don’t have to be.

Joke-telling is a skill, like playing the piano or juggling live hedgehogs.

This book teaches you that skill with easy-to-follow instructions and simple exercises. With 101 hilarious jokes (and lots of practice), you’ll soon get the laughter and applause you deserve. Without ever needing to juggle hedgehogs.

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Editorial Reviews:

You’re Joking: Become an Expert Joke-teller is Tom’s incredibly entertaining how-to guide for perfecting the art of telling jokes. This is a brilliant book that is desperately needed for those kids who love telling jokes. Sure, anyone can tell a joke but it takes skill to deliver a joke in such a way that is entertaining and has everyone in the room laughing. Inside this book you’ll find basic tips, practice jokes and exercises, and each sections ends with a reflection. There are 101 jokes of different types to help you practice different deliveries. Tom teaches you about the different types of jokes, how to build a repertoire, how to deliver different jokes, and where to find jokes. He explains how important it is to know your audience and that there is a right time and place for telling jokes. This book is a must-have for all kids who love telling jokes (and for the adults who wish they could do it better). It’s another great addition to both primary and high school libraries.

Zac McCallum – bestfriendsarebooks.com


You’re Joking: Become Expert Joke-Teller is a delightful and great masterpiece addressed to kids and written by Tom E. Moffatt, an excellent humorist but better writer.
My son is always telling me jokes and he loves reading them to all the family in our Sunday meetings, so I thought this would be perfect for him as it gave him confidence to practice his reading skills as well as entertain a crowd! The vocabulary throughout this book is very appropriate and basic. I also liked that there are various categories so as not to get bored.
I dare to say that the book is really interesting even for adults, I felt more than absorbed when I read it and I must admit that some of the jokes are pretty funny!
It contains 144 pages that are well organized and they are simple enough to the understanding of our little children.
I am really happy with this purchase and definitely I would recommend it for early readers or any who just love a good joke and making others laugh!

Evelyn – Goodreads Reviewer


In this new book Tom serves as an instructor for teaching kids the art of telling a joke – a skill that provides fun entertainment for youngsters and rewarding relief from stress for family and friend audiences. And this youngster-directed book supplies the tools for every kid to become a successful – and happy – joke teller.

Filled with wise ideas for becoming an informed, witty and organized joke teller. Kids will love this excellent resource – and families and friends can relax when the newly learned jokester steps onto the humor stage! Recommended.

Grady Harp – Amazon Top 100 Reviewer